Embedding an album

Add our script tag to your site

<script src="//"></script>

preferably before the closing body tag eg:

<script src="//"></script> 

These are general guidelines and our recommendation - but other methods might work as well

Responsive layout

The TIDAL embed is responsive and will adapt to all screen sizes and is tested down to a minimum width of approximately 300px container width.


Embedding an album

  • data-type="a"
  • data-id="19646520" - the ID of the album

<div class="tidal-embed" data-type="a" data-id="19646520"></div>


Embedding a playlist

  • data-type="p"
  • data-id="7f333836-3e06-4de0-a633-ae6f74e6ad76" - the ID of the playlist

<div class="tidal-embed" data-type="p" data-id="7f333836-3e06-4de0-a633-ae6f74e6ad76"></div>


Embedding a track

  • data-type="t"
  • data-id="37936045" - the ID of the track

<div class="tidal-embed" data-type="t" data-id="37936045"></div>