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Dear December The Minus 5

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1 New Christmas Hymn 2 When Christmas Hurts You This Way 3 See You in December (feat. M. Ward & Chuck Prophet) M. WardChuck Prophet 4 Festival of Lights (Hanukkah Song) [feat. Mike Mills] Mike Mills 5 Johnny Tannenbaum (feat. Kelly Hogan & Norah O'Connor) Kelly HoganNorah O'Connor 6 The Fourth Noel (feat. Colin Meloy) Colin Meloy 7 Merry Christmas Mr. Gulp Gulp 8 Your Christmas Whiskey 9 I See Angels (feat. Ben Gibbard) Ben Gibbard 10 Yule Tide Me Over (feat. Kelly Hogan) Kelly Hogan 11 I Still Believe in New Year's Eve Listen to full