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Pray for the Evil 2 Flee Lord, Mephux, LordMobb

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1 Pray for the Evil 2 Intro (feat. DJ Boogieman) MephuxLordMobbDJ Boogieman 2 Cook up (feat. Evidence) MephuxLordMobbEvidence 3 Icewater (feat. Roc Marciano) MephuxLordMobbRoc Marciano 4 R&B Lords (feat. Westside Gunn & DJ Boogieman) MephuxLordMobbWestside GunnDJ Boogieman 5 Drifty Delgado MephuxLordMobb 6 I Remember Back (feat. Trae Tha Truth) MephuxLordMobbTrae Tha Truth 7 Cigar n Remy Tunes MephuxLordMobb 8 Get off the Train (feat. Eto) MephuxLordMobbeto 9 Plum Philosophy (feat. Keisha Plum) MephuxLordMobbKeisha Plum 10 Offer Me a Salary MephuxLordMobb 11 Take Care of Your Shooters MephuxLordMobb 12 Gun Line (feat. 38 Spesh) MephuxLordMobb38 Spesh 13 Don't Call the Policia MephuxLordMobb 14 Pray for the Evil 2 Outro MephuxLordMobb Listen to full