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Best of Live The Meteors

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1 Fire Fire (Live) 2 Maniac Rockers from Hell (Live) 3 I Hate People (Live) 4 Lil Red Riding Hood (Live) 5 Chainsaw Boogie (Live) 6 King of the Mutilators (Live) 7 The Crazed (Live) 8 Night of the Werewolf (Live) 9 Rawhide (Live) 10 Get off My Cloud (Live) 11 No Surrender (Live) 12 Wrecking Crew (Live) 13 Slow Down You Grave Robbin' bastard (Live) 14 Mutant Rock (Live) 15 Hell Ain't Hot Enough (Live) 16 Rockabilly Psychosis (Live) 17 Give the Devil His Due (Live) Listen to full