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Out and About Cherish The Ladies

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1 The Old Favorite/The Flogging Reel/Leave My Way/The Kerryman 2 Spoon River 3 The Ladies Of Carrick/The Kinnegad Slashers/Old Man Dillon 4 Declan's Waltz/Waltz Duhamel 5 The Cameronian Set: The M'Intinn Raoir/Duke Of Gordon/The Cameronian/Lady Of The House 6 Inisheer 7 O'Keefe's/The Sheperd's Lamb/Johnny O'Leary's 8 Roisin Dubh (The Small Black Rose) 9 Le Voyage De Camouret/House Of Hamill 10 The Cat Rambles To The Childs Saucepan/Maire O'Keefe/Harry Bradshaw's 11 The Missing Piece 12 The Out And About Set: The Wandering Minstrel/Fred Rice's Polkas/The Cabin Hunter/Out And About Listen to full