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New Day Dawning Cherish The Ladies

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1 Highway To Kilkenny/The Boys Of Portaferry/The Abbey Reel/Ashmaleen House 2 Green Grow The Rushes Oh 3 Peter Murphy's/The Ballinakill Ditch/Barrel Rafferty's Jigs 4 A Neansaí Mhíle Grá 5 Crowley's Reel/Tom Ward's Downfall 6 The Green Cottage Polka/Jer O'Connell's/Tom's Tavern 7 Lord Mayo 8 The Galway Rover 9 The New Broom/Joe Ryan's Barn Dance/St. Ruth's Bush/The Penny Candle 10 Ned Of The Hill (Eamon An Chnoic) 11 Broken Wings 12 Rayleen's Reel/The Pullet/Scotch Mary/Within A Mile Of Dublin 13 Keg of Brandy Listen to full