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From Genesis to Revelation Genesis

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1 Where the Sour Turns to Sweet 2 In The Beginning 3 Fireside Song 4 The Serpent 5 Am I Very Wrong? 6 In the Wilderness 7 The Conqueror 8 In Hiding 9 One Day 10 Window 11 In Limbo 12 Silent Sun 13 A Place to Call My Own 14 A Winter's Tale (Bonus Track) 15 One Eyed Hound 16 That's Me 17 Silent Sun (Single Version) [Bonus Track] 18 Image Blown Out (Demo) [Bonus Track] 19 She is Beautiful (The Serpent Demo) [Bonus Track] 20 Try a Little Sadness (Demo) 21 Patricia (Demo Version of in Hiding) [Bonus Track] Listen to full