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Alchemy of Souls OST Various Artists

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1 Scars Leave Beautiful Trace 2 Aching 3 Just Watching You 4 Raindrops 5 You′re Everything to Me 6 Breath 7 Love Letter (with you) 1 Alchemy of Souls (Opening Title) Jeon Jong Hyuk 2 Naksu Jeon Jong Hyuk 3 Jinyowon 4 Don′t Leave Me Blues Park Sang Hee 5 The Energy of Water 6 Give This King a Different Body 7 Forbidden Spell Jeon Jong Hyuk 8 Unspeakable 9 Gwigu Park Sang Hee 10 Another Soul 11 The Chaser of Night Jeon Jong Hyuk 12 If You Don′t Do Anything 13 Imperial Star 14 I Am a Crown Prince 15 My Young Master, My Mudeok Park Sang Hee 16 Jin Mu 17 The Memory of Danhyang 18 About This Distance 19 The Land of Daeho Park Sang Hee 20 Yes, My Young Master Park Sang Hee 21 The Old Whistle 22 Trace of Alchemy of Souls 23 Painful Past 24 Jinyowon and Songrim Park Sang Hee Listen to full