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22 (Deluxe) Craig David

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1 Teardrops 2 DNA Galantis 3 Who You Are MNEK 4 G Love (feat. Nippa) Nippa 5 21 (feat. Isong) Isong 6 Give It All Up 7 Back to Basics (feat. GRACEY) Gracey 8 My Heart's Been Waiting for You (feat. Duvall) Duvall 9 What More Could I Ask For? (feat. Wretch 32) Wretch 32 10 Obvious (feat. Muni Long) Muni Long 11 Gold 12 Maybe 13 Gets Like That 14 Best of Me 15 Meant to Be 16 Already Know (feat. KYLE) KYLE 17 Yes Carmen Reece Listen to full