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I'm a Global Thug Various Artists, Zeno Vellie

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1 Skit (The Wrong Jack Move) Tone Vellie 2 I'm a Thug Vell Bakardy 3 Tupac (Thug Life R.I.P) Aliesha 4 We Up (DJ Kenni Starr Remix) Lord KarmaG-NiceMunch Dog 5 Keef Chop Hopping (Linguistic Version) 2Pac 6 She Think She Jordan 7 No Love for Thugs 8 Once a Thug Michelle 9 She Wanna a Real Thug 10 She Wannaa 11 I Want It 12 Aye Aye Aye 13 No Limit East Sizzle (Linguistic Version) 2Pac 14 Freak Nigga 15 Gangsta Gangsta Luni ColeoneEarnestDeviousBishop The Young Don 16 I'm Thuggin' Bengie Bee 17 Shawty Wanna Thug Dub Tr3 18 1Thug 19 Thug Mansion LBO SouthBig Foo 20 Ride 4 My Niggas Jay Reed 21 All My Niggas Yung Shada 22 My Thug Niggas 23 Gangsta's Love Affair (Remix) Mr ServonThe Holli Boiz 24 Boss Shit Zovakcain 25 Bring It Back 26 Transporter Bun B 27 American Gangster 28 Gangstafied 29 The Top 30 Da Hood Hip-Hopping (Linguistic Version) Brodee Frank 31 Gangsta 's Prayer 32 Banga Gangsta 33 Best Friends Are Gangstas 34 Grindmode 35 I'm a Thug (Remix) Vell Bakardy Listen to full