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Pistolz & Pearlz Kodak Black

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1 Pistolz & Pearlz 2 Roses (feat. VVSNCE) Vvsnce 3 Get Away (feat. Loe Shimmy) Loe Shimmy 4 Flirting With Death (feat. GorditoFlo) GorditoFlo 5 Dirt McGerk (feat. EST Gee & Lil Crix) EST GeeLil Crix 6 Dope Boy Magic 7 Tryna Figure Why 8 Follow Me 9 Murder Mystery 10 Church On Saturday (feat. WizDaWizard, Wam SpinThaBin & Syko Bob) Syko BobWam SpinThaBinWizDaWizard 11 Beretta Love 12 X&O's 13 Die Today 14 Gunsmoke Town 15 That For Real 16 A Beautiful Rainbow 17 Snipers And Robbers 18 Balance 19 No Love For A Thug 20 Stay 21 Down With You Listen to full