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Out of the Blue Laurice Borgen

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1 Out of the Blue (feat. Robin Henkel) 2 Sooner the Better (feat. Billy Seward) 3 One Man Woman (feat. Jimmy Volkert) 4 King of Diamonds (feat. Blues Denile) 5 Your Other Woman (feat. Jimmy Volkert) 6 Straight Up (feat. Jimmy Volkert) 7 I Got a Lot (feat. Jimmy Volkert) 8 Pour Your Love (feat. Diana Nile) 9 Hit & Run (feat. Diana Nile & John Chambers) 10 Kmsn With My Mind (feat. Jimmy Volkert & Sonny Derin) 11 They Don't Make Love Like That Anymore (feat. Dale Geldof) 12 Get Over Yourself (feat. Robin Henkel & Dale Geldof) 13 Rufus (feat. Chet Cannon) Listen to full