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2001 Dr. Dre

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1 Lolo (Intro) XzibitTray Dee 2 The Watcher EminemKnoc 'Turn 'Al 3 Fuck You Devin The DudeSnoop Dogg 4 Still D.R.E. Snoop Dogg 5 Big Ego's Hittman 6 Xxplosive HittmanSix-TwoNate DoggKurupt 7 What's The Difference EminemXzibit 8 Bar One Traci NelsonMs. RoqEddie Griffin 9 Light Speed Hittman 10 Forgot About Dre Eminem 11 The Next Episode Snoop Dogg 12 Let's Get High HittmanMs. RoqKurupt 13 Bitch Niggaz HittmanSix-TwoSnoop Dogg 14 The Car Bomb Mel-ManCharis Henry 15 Murder Ink HittmanMs. Roq 16 Ed-Ucation HittmanMs. RoqEddie Griffin 17 Some L.A. Niggaz HittmanMs. RoqKnoc-Turn'alTime BombKoka KambonDefariMC RenXzibit 18 Pause 4 Porno Jake Steed 19 Housewife HittmanKurupt 20 Ackrite Hittman 21 Bang Bang HittmanKnoc-Turn'al 22 The Message Mary J. BligeRell 23 Outro Listen to full