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Beneath a Dying Sun (Special Edition) Thalamus

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1 By the River 2 Unravelled 3 Poor Man's Brain 4 CanĀ“t Live Without Your Love 5 Ride 6 Next to Me 7 Firefly 8 Maze of Revelations 9 We're Gonna Die Someday 10 Too Stoned 11 Falling 12 Hope You Understand (Bonus Track) 13 Breathe Easy (Bonus Track) 14 Black Day Sunday (Bonus Track) 15 New Age Blues (Bonus Track) 16 Early Morning Leave (Bonus Track) 17 Bruised and Broken Boned (Bonus Track) 18 When the Moon Turns Red (Bonus Track) 19 New Age Blues (Daniel Bergstrand Remix) Listen to full