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Octane (Bonus Tracks Version) Spock's Beard

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1 The Ballet Of Impact 2 I Wouldn't Let It Go 3 Surfing Down the Avalanche 4 She Is Everything 5 Climbing Up That Hill 6 Letting Go 7 Of the Beauty of It All 8 NWC 9 There Was A Time 10 The Planet's Hum 11 Watching The Tide 12 As Long As We Ride 1 When She's Gone (Bonus track) 2 Follow Me To Sleep (Bonus track) 3 Game Face (Bonus track) 4 Broken Promise Land (Bonus track) 5 Listening to the Sky (Bonus track) 6 Someday I'll Be Found (Bonus track) 7 I Was Never Lost (Bonus track) 8 Paint Me A Picture (Bonus track) Listen to full