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A Jazzman's Broadway Cy Coleman

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1 I Don't Think I'll End It All Today (From "Jamaica") 2 Savanna (From "Jamaica") 3 Monkey in the Mango Tree (From "Jamaica") 4 Napoleon (From "Jamaica") 5 Take It Slow, Joe (From "Jamaica") 6 Pretty to Walk With (From "Jamaica") 7 Little Biscuit (From "Jamaica") 8 Cocoanut Sweet (From "Jamaica") 9 Push de Button (From "Jamaica") 10 What Good Does It Do? (From "Jamaica") 11 The Other Generation (From "Flower Drum Song") 12 I Am Going to Like It Here (From "Flower Drum Song") 13 You Are Beautiful (From "Flower Drum Song") 14 Chop Suey (From "Flower Drum Song") 15 Grant Avenue (From "Flower Drum Song") 16 A Hundred Million Miracles (From "Flower Drum Song") 17 Love, Look Away (From "Flower Drum Song") 18 Sunday (From "Flower Drum Song") 19 Younger Than Springtime (From "South Pacific") 20 This Nearly Was Mine (From "South Pacific") 21 Happy Talk (From "South Pacific") 22 I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair (From "South Pacific") Listen to full