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1 Living It Up James Sayer 2 Like That Gary Burk III 3 Last Ones to Leave Jeff Clayborn 4 Mess It Up Matt Rogers 5 Better Days Ahead James SayerMichelle John 6 Tonight (Wishing Tonight Was Ours Again) Antonia 7 Burn out the Flame Frankie Moreno 8 Set Some Love in Motion James Sayer 9 White Picket Fences Ideascapes 10 Be Nice (Williamson County Schools) SongDriven 11 Sweet Something Vince Constantino / Vin Betz 12 Corner of Sin and Be Saved Jean WilsonBetsy WalterJeff Clayborn 13 Where My Heart Can Rest (feat. Steel Blossoms) Rooted in Song 14 Closure Tim Albertson 15 Ten Gallon Hat Calico 16 Call on Me Payten Tison Listen to full