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Maya Law: NAD Vintage Listening Sessions TIDAL

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1 Chain of Fools Aretha Franklin 2 Piece Of Me Lady Wray 3 Leave My Woman Alone Ray Charles 4 Masterpiece Sault 5 Ragrets Baby Rose 6 I Can't Stop (Turning You On) Silk 7 The Blues (It Began in Africa) Romare 8 All I Do Stevie Wonder 9 Cucumber Slumber Weather Report 10 River Joni Mitchell 11 Calling My Name Freya Roy 12 Blame Gabriels 13 The Spiral Theon CrossAhnanséAFRONAUT ZU 14 Young One for Debra Jim HallJimmy WoodeDaniel Humair 15 U-Haul Angie Stone 16 Gorilla Little Simz 17 (My Heart Is) Closed For The Season Bettye Swann 18 Belly Dub CavernLeo Lore 19 Nakamarra Hiatus Kaiyote 20 Wasn't Looking ELIZA Listen to full