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1 De Profundis (Out of the Depths of Sorrow) (Remastered) Dead Can Dance 2 Ascension (Remastered) Dead Can Dance 3 Circumradiant Dawn (Remastered) Dead Can Dance 4 The Cardinal Sin (Remastered) Dead Can Dance 5 Mesmerism (Remastered) Dead Can Dance 6 Enigma of the Absolute (Remastered) Dead Can Dance 7 Advent (Remastered) Dead Can Dance 8 Avatar (Remastered) Dead Can Dance 9 Indoctrination (A Design for Living) (Remastered) Dead Can Dance 10 Dream Within A Dream Propaganda 11 The Murder Of Love Propaganda 12 Jewel Propaganda 13 Duel Propaganda 14 Frozen Faces Propaganda 15 P.Machinery Propaganda 16 Sorry For Laughing Propaganda 17 Dr. Mabuse (The First Life of...) Propaganda 18 The Chase (Good-Night) Propaganda 19 Strength To Dream (The Last Word) Propaganda 20 If You Love Somebody Set Them Free Sting 21 Love Is The Seventh Wave Sting 22 Russians Sting 23 Children's Crusade Sting 24 Shadows In The Rain Sting 25 We Work The Black Seam Sting 26 Consider Me Gone Sting 27 The Dream Of The Blue Turtles Sting 28 Moon Over Bourbon Street Sting 29 Fortress Around Your Heart Sting 30 Sensation Bryan Ferry 31 Slave To Love Bryan Ferry 32 Don't Stop The Dance Bryan Ferry 33 A Waste Land Bryan Ferry 34 Windswept Bryan Ferry 35 The Chosen One Bryan Ferry 36 Valentine Bryan Ferry 37 Stone Woman Bryan Ferry 38 Boys And Girls Bryan Ferry 39 Nirvana (Remastered) The Cult 40 Big Neon Glitter (Remastered) The Cult 41 Love (Remastered) The Cult 42 Brother Wolf; Sister Moon (Remastered) The Cult 43 Rain (Remastered) The Cult 44 Phoenix (Remastered) The Cult 45 Hollow Man (Remastered) The Cult 46 Revolution (Remastered) The Cult 47 She Sells Sanctuary (Remastered) The Cult 48 Black Angel (Remastered) The Cult 49 She Sells Sanctuary (Long Version) The Cult 50 No. 13 The Cult Listen to full