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1 Anti-Curse boygenius 2 Alien The National 3 Nothing Left To Lose Everything But The Girl 4 In My Head The Lemon Twigs 5 God Is a Circle Yves Tumor 6 Kiss Away The Pearly Drops Pearly Drops 7 We'll Never Break Buddie 8 Love of My Life (So Far) Mo Troper 9 Citgo Sign Mo Troper 10 What Will Heaven Be Like The Reds, Pinks and Purples 11 Imaginary Girlfriend TV Party 12 Gone TV Party 13 Love Beyond The Grave Crocodiles 14 At Capacity Display Homes 15 Sole Obsession Nation of Language 16 Fog Machine White Reaper 17 No Caffeine Marika Hackman 18 Soldier Child Wilco 19 Evicted Wilco 20 Fabrik Echo Ladies 21 Illness Echo Ladies 22 In The City Lifeguard 23 I Don't Believe In Love Uni Boys 24 Odyssey BeckPhoenix 25 Residue Public Interest 26 Drop Dead Erik Nervous 27 skin in the game Slowdive 28 Vampire Empire Big Thief 29 Not Ready Yet Mo Troper 30 Nation Home Front 31 Contact Home Front 32 Playing For Time (Bright-Side Mix) Peter Gabriel 33 How Will I Know Bully 34 (I First Saw You There on) Tinpot Lane Vanity Mirror 35 Build a Bridge Deeper 36 Slab Wombo 37 Nah, That Ain't It Spiritual Cramp 38 Hollowed Out Ducks Ltd. 39 Behind the Ball Class 40 Do Not Reply Stuck 41 Pod Snõõper 42 Alien, Alien OnYon 43 I GOT IT (FEAT. Uñas) DEBBY FRIDAYUñas 44 Think of Us Kissing Hamish Hawk 45 Don't Fade Away Beach Fossils 46 AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM BeyoncéKendrick Lamar 47 Countdown To Shutdown The Hives 48 Son In Law Hotline TNT 49 Beauty Filter Hotline TNT 50 Time & Again Tough Age Listen to full