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1 BLACK WIDOW LIGHTNING Derek Ted 2 Big Sad (feat. Carol Ades) Olivia Barton 3 emergency contact corook 4 Sunshowers Andrew Goldring 5 Heaven Is Melanie MacLaren 6 Swaying Song (feat. Esmé Creed-Miles) Thad Kopec 7 Pretty, Pretty Max Helgemo 8 Twirl Olivia Barton 9 I FORGOT corook 10 Heads on Fire Jordan Burchel 11 Lemon Water NO RETURNS 12 Taken for a Spin Max Helgemo 13 Back at You Max Helgemo 14 Uncovered Max Helgemo 15 Looking for an Island Max Helgemo 16 Lasting Ghost Max Helgemo 17 Kylie Max Helgemo 18 Tell Me It's Easy Andrew Goldring 19 Tell Me It's Easy (Alternate Version) Andrew Goldring 20 Dream Kick Andrew Goldring 21 Room Temperature NO RETURNS 22 No Returns NO RETURNS 23 Emerald Song NO RETURNS 24 tiny kick NO RETURNS 25 DIEZEL HERBERT NO RETURNS 26 Crooks James Ghareeb 27 Sauce Piquante April March 28 Let’s Go Olivia Jean 29 Petite Voyoutte April March 30 Arm's Reach Personal Trainer 31 Red Light Personal Trainer 32 Obsessed Personal TrainerHuck 33 Her Black Guitar Sunshine Scott 34 White Rice NO RETURNS 35 Feel in This Heart And Listen to full