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1 Six Feet Under Nik AmmarFranklyn Hill 2 Waiting For The Lights Deltar 3 Into the Nightmare Rocket Sister 4 Liverpool Road Deltar 5 My Best... Rocket Sister 6 Young Enough Not To Care Circuits 7 D'Ya Wanna Go Faster Terrorvision 8 Fancy Dress Don Broco 9 Isabelle Deltar 10 Losing Pride Rocket Sister 11 Soundwave Rocket Sister 12 Just a Bet Rocket Sister 13 I Can't Wait Little Barrie 14 Hollywood Nik AmmarMarla Altschuler 15 I'll Be Fine Rocket Sister 16 Lie Cry Die Rocket Sister 17 Choosing for You I Am LegionNoisiaForeign Beggars 18 Ain't Nobody Like You Sincere 19 Beleive (feat. Lucian White) Lex One 20 My Own Worst Remedy Lex OneMike Beatz 21 Apex Foreign Beggars 22 Killem Lex OneMike Beatz 23 Ima Beast (feat. PR$FIT) Lex One 24 Breezeblock Camo & Krooked 25 Starship Troopers (Original Mix) GYSNOIZE 26 Too Many Power GYSNOIZE 27 Enjoy Your Life (Original Mix) Frai 28 Upon Your Enemy (feat. Doll) Run RiotDoll 29 Kill Them (feat. Benji Webbe) Run RiotBenji Webbe 30 Second Step Toyaz Cat 31 Steam Machine Aspectia 32 Doomsday Sensorica 33 Painful (Original Mix) Black Dominates 34 Sleep Blind (Taras Bazeev Remix) Faberlique 35 Not the Same (Original Mix) Black DominatesV. Ray 36 Hey Hey Klaypex 37 Damage Run Riot 38 London Riots Run Riot 39 Time Breaks (Original Mix) Dj Tommy One 40 Everland (Original Mix) Arabica 41 Confluence 2036 (Original Mix) Andrew StetS 42 Music Is Hypnotizing Luiz B 43 iCulture (Main Mix) Richard Earnshaw 44 Unstoppable (Original Mix) (Original Mix) Pyep 45 Liftin' Me High (Spiritchaser Dub) Est8Emily Cook 46 Highway Patrol (Original Mix) Dayton Hardswoff 47 Time Comha 48 We Stroll Together (Original Mix) Phillipo BlakeEddy 49 Where Are You (Denis Kenzo Remix) Nikolay KempinskiyPhillipo Blake 50 American Patriot Shevelvy Listen to full