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1 Shadow Josefine Cronholm, Flemming Agerskov, Thommy Andersson, Lisbeth Diers 2 Det kunne skjedd Kari Bremnes 3 Kanskje Kari Bremnes 4 Spor Kari Bremnes 5 Birds Kari Bremnes 6 September in Montreal (Live) Anne Bisson 7 All Night Long Chris Beard 8 Help Me Through the Day Baba Blues 9 St. James Infirmary Baba Blues 10 Antiphone Blues Arne Domnérus 11 Who Killed Cock Robin Greg Brown 12 Dacoit Duel AR Rahman 13 Be My Lover Anne Bisson 14 Templates Antimatter 15 Kick the Dog Antimatter 16 Welcome to the Machine Antimatter 17 Shape of My Heart Dominic MillerNovecento 18 Air Dominic MillerNovecento 19 Ice Dominic MillerNovecento 20 Love Is My Gun Anette Askvik 21 Blågutten Hoff ensembleMathias EickBørge Petersen-ØverleirJan Gunnar HoffArild AndersenRune Arnesen 22 The Ship Edgar Knecht 23 Walking in Geneva (Live) Estas TonneYonatan Bar Rashi 24 Flower of Life (The Winds Will Bring You Home) [Live] Estas TonneMichael Shrieve 25 Liberty Anette Askvik 26 The Wind Blows Josefine Cronholm 27 Guardians of the Skies Wave World 28 Od Ban Ryaak Wave World 29 Hieroglyphs II - The Temple Wave World 30 Hieroglyphs III - Revelation Wave World 31 I Live in a Treehouse Anne Bisson 32 Dry My Tears Anne Bisson 33 Soothing Your Soul Anne Bisson 34 Hoping Love Will Last Anne Bisson 35 Dás Áiggun Čuožžut (Live) Mari Boine 36 Vuolgge Mu Mielde Bassivárrái (Live) Mari Boine 37 Come With Me Myriam Alter 38 Paper Angels (Remastered) Mostly Autumn 39 The Night Sky (Remastered) Mostly Autumn 40 When Age Has Done Its Duty (2018 Remix) Cosmograf 41 Ain't No Sunshine  Christy Baron 42 Drums Stop, No Good Steve Smith 43 Welcome to the Machine (Full Mix) Wolfgang RothLars Kurz 44 Four Women Malia 45 Baltimore Malia 46 Magnetic Lies MaliaBoris Blank 47 Celestial Echo MaliaBoris Blank 48 X-Race Yello 49 Takla Makan YelloDorothee Oberlinger 50 Daan Park Matthew HalsallThe Gondwana Orchestra Listen to full