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Hello nostr user! Linking your pubkey to TIDAL grants full playback.

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1 bad guy Billie Eilish 2 Ride On Celtic Woman 3 Walk This Land E-Z Rollers 4 Teardrop Massive AttackElizabeth Fraser 5 Creature Comforts Audio 6 Darlin' Delegation 7 Blitzer Fazer 8 Valleys Honors 9 Dumb Dumb Red Velvet 10 Drop It (feat. Jimmy Sax) Wasted In ParisJimmy Sax 11 Imma Be Black Eyed Peas 12 Way Down Deep (Digitally Remastered) Jennifer Warnes 13 Bass I Love You Bassotronics 14 Look What You Made Me Do Taylor Swift 15 Partition Beyoncé 16 Listen Vaun 17 Deep River Hikaru Utada 18 Somewhere, Somebody (Digitally Remastered) Jennifer Warnes 19 6 INCH BeyoncéThe Weeknd 20 Why so Serious? Hans ZimmerJames Newton Howard 21 Drum Solo Gojira Listen to full