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1 Bankrobber The Zipheads 2 Messenger Lunasun 3 Epitaph Drones 4 Untitled Mae Whitman Vehicle Action Panzer 5 Surfquake The Zipheads 6 Please Vacate The Planet Drones 7 I Wanna Feel It Eliza and the Bear 8 Crosses Midwich Cuckoos 9 Close to the Edge AvaGrace 10 Obsidian Of Concrete Gods 11 Strength in Unity Kodama 12 Colours of Freedom Tom MischBearcubs 13 Milk Tears Midwich Cuckoos 14 Horizon's Eye Seven Sisters 15 Good Samaritan Of Concrete Gods 16 BAD TASTE Tasteless Neo Rockabilly UK 17 Live & Let Live Drones 18 Being Human Salad Undressed 19 MisGuided AvaGrace 20 LOVE REALLY HURTS WITHOUT YOU Tasteless Neo Rockabilly UK 21 Rain AvaGrace 22 Lighthouse (Live in Cambridge) Mallory Knox 23 Knock It Back Uncrowned 24 MORNING MIST Tasteless Neo Rockabilly UK 25 Evergreen Salad Undressed 26 Down That Road Knocksville 27 Shot Down Knocksville 28 Octavius The Zipheads 29 White Rabbit Kodama 30 Failing Friends AvaGrace 31 Past Life Princes to Kings 32 Cardboard Hand Me Downs ScreamingMechanicalBrain 33 Quiet Sun Jübl 34 We Long to Disappear Null 35 Bang Bang Knocksville 36 Crazy Ex Knocksville 37 Take a Trip Knocksville 38 Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac (feat. Drones) [Punk Version] DC's Legends of Tomorrow CastDrones 39 Life Forms DARKO 40 What I Cannot Be (Live At Signal house Studios) DARKO Listen to full