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POLIFONIA weekly tape #68 - taśma tygodnia 2022-07-02 User

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1 WOODY SHAW Moor MotherMelanie Charles 2 I Don't Wanna Be Famous NNAMDÏ 3 NBPQ (Topless) Sudan Archives 4 Bad Habit Steve Lacy 5 Até Meu Violão Bruno Berle 6 N.Y.C.A.W. Gwenno 7 New State Oog Bogo 8 Speeding 72 Momma 9 Eisa Dancers Mice Parade 10 Campervan Naima Bock 11 Nattens Sista Strimma Ljus Dungen 12 Funkloch Zdrój 13 Everywhere Paolo Nutini 14 Awal Al-QasarLee Ranaldo 15 Coeur béton DjeuhDjoahLieutenant Nicholson 16 Kidal Onom AgemoAhmed Ag Kaedy 17 Fall In Up In The CLK Okzharp 18 Never Forget Sampa the GreatChef 187Tio NasonMwanjé 19 Liquid Light Butcher Brown 20 Leader Bel Cobain 21 phonecall digifaeGalen TiptonDiana Starshine 22 Dandelion Anna Of The North 23 Long Tooth Dolfiin Alexander 24 It Ain't Your Time John Moods 25 Your Reality Sylvan Esso 26 List Lanberry 27 Visions V Yamila 28 Emergency (Sparkling) Lotic 29 Sadza Brodka 30 Affections Kovi 31 Ain't No Stopping Us Now (12" Vocal Version) Risco ConnectionOtis Gayle 32 Kształt czaszki Małgola, No 33 Ash & Dust Luci 34 Sun (Jitwam & EJT Remix) Emma-Jean Thackray 35 The Antidote Is in the Poison GoGo Penguin 36 Sanctuary Medicine SingersYonatan GatJaimie Branch 37 610 Shuffle The Black Dog 38 At the Opposite Pole of Architectural Virtue Saint AbdullahEomac 39 Vini wè m Chouk BwaThe Ångströmers 40 Rov AhmerFaheem AbdullahHyder Dar 41 To Catch Light I Mat Ball Listen to full