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1 I'm Every Sparkly Woman Ana Roxanne 2 Nami Meitei 3 Toucan Ocean Jon Hassell 4 Fossil, Oregon RAYMOND RICHARDS 5 Grilos Erasmo Carlos 6 Groundnut Duval TimothyTwin Shadow 7 Can't Stand Without You Imagination 8 Auntie Aviator John & Beverley Martyn 9 Springs Pete Jolly 10 Litoral Cesar Camargo Mariano 11 Flor do Real Sessa 12 Tiny Pyramids Sun RaHis Arkestra 13 Felicidade Marcelo Salazar & Jorge Degas 14 Living Too Close to the Ground The Everly Brothers 15 Music Is The Key Bernard Wright 16 Loveroom Frank HarrisMaria Marquez 17 Missing You Larry Heard 18 Looking Over Love Kofi 19 Bbydhyonchord Aphex Twin 20 Sunrise Vernal Equinox 21 Auf Engelsflügeln Deutsche Wertarbeit 22 Knopha 23 Oreknock Patrick Vian 24 Crazy You Prince 25 Poly Blue Jessica Pratt 26 Twin Layers of Lightning (Remastered) The Go-Betweens 27 What A Day For Me Harumi 28 Love Is a Jungle Peter Ivers 29 Erratic Texting Behavior Jason Kolàr 30 Black Maybe Syreeta 31 Rain Dance Herbie Hancock 32 Pony Annette Peacock 33 Rivers Turn to Waterfalls Slow Attack Ensemble 34 Flatiron Suzanne Kraft 35 Hejira Joni Mitchell 36 Pretty Darlin' Eric Relph 37 Lazy Day Lins & Ford 38 Past + Present = Future Bennie Maupin 39 Love Is Everywhere Pharoah Sanders 40 Bismillahi 'Rrahmani 'Rrahim Harold Budd Listen to full