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1 Brand New Foreign Fields 2 Don't Give Up Foreign Fields 3 Terrible Times Foreign Fields 4 Light on Your Face Foreign Fields 5 Only Water Foreign Fields 6 A Better Person Foreign Fields 7 Rose Colored Foreign Fields 8 The Beauty of Survival Foreign Fields 9 Terrible Times (Reprise) Foreign Fields 10 ANIMALS Ajimal 11 Alive, Awake! Ajimal 12 It's Real Ajimal 13 How Could You Disappear? Ajimal 14 A Quickening Step Ajimal 15 Above All Else, Be Kind Ajimal 16 A Rapture Coming Ajimal 17 Who Gives Me What I Want? Ajimal 18 I've Known Your Heart Ajimal 19 For Good, Forever Ajimal 20 Last of Us (for PS4 in B Major) Simen Mitlid 21 Weeks Simen MitlidTuvaband 22 Anything Simen MitlidBenedikt 23 Grateful Dead Simen Mitlid 24 Yuri's Choice Simen Mitlid 25 Birds Simen Mitlid 26 While Heaven Is on Fire Simen Mitlid 27 Recurring Dreams Simen MitlidOslo Hostel Choir 28 Smoke Simen Mitlid 29 Murders Simen Mitlid 30 Grønland Simen Mitlid 31 Quasar Gidge 32 New Light Gidge 33 Stone|Shell Gidge 34 Perimeter Gidge 35 The Cascades Gidge 36 Rotate Into Form Gidge 37 Over Gidge 38 Always Unfolding Gidge 39 Seems To Be Getting Closer Gidge 40 Intro Phoria 41 Nouveau-Né (Re-Imagined) Phoria 42 Kilograms Phoria 43 Current Phoria 44 Lullabi Phoria 45 A.L. Phoria 46 Mass (Re-Imagined) Phoria 47 Fairytail Phoria 48 In Brackets Phoria 49 Robin's Cello Phoria 50 A Couple Things Kate Bollinger Listen to full