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1 Vinterelva Sólstrauman 2 Toronto, With Love Ssunday 3 Honesty JAE SOTO 4 The Art of Letting Go Angus Powell 5 Social Engineering 1 (The narrative of the heritage) Jan Jelinek 6 Stigma Sissi Rada 7 Lines Tom Adams 8 Hush Tara Nome Doyle 9 Tenderfoot Clarissa Connelly 10 Green to Gold MsakiTubatsi Mpho Moloi 11 DRAYDREAM AT NIGHT DJ Sugar C 12 Anahata Elsa Hewitt 13 to breathe Claire TontiWillebrant 14 phenomena moskitoo 15 Lucky Varg²™EartheaterEarth 16 this way our lives intersect bod [包家巷] 17 Joe Shabason, Krgovich, SageJoseph ShabasonNicholas KrgovichM. Sage 18 staying Kevin 19 Pretty Ayla Loon 20 Blood & Time LaucanSamuel Organ 21 Cycle of Love marucoporoporo 22 After CR&M 23 <3Less Space Afrika 24 Unexpected Turmoil (sophieincolors remix) Jouska 25 in search of (neptune's moon mix) Larissa Rook 26 A Mirror (Mabe Fratti Rework) Yair Elazar Glotman 27 Eyes to Eyes DyEShoko Igarashi 28 Diane Charlemagne (feat. Iman Houssein) Lefto Early BirdIman Houssein 29 Ballad Vanessa Bedoret 30 CHUVA André Louro 31 Getting There Middle Sattre 32 snowflake (Crystal Bowl Ver.) 天川祐 33 Johnny April Magazine 34 CCC Lavurn 35 GUILTY Moor MotherLonnie HolleyRaia Was 36 Dreamer Felix Machtelinckx 37 You'll Never Get To Heaven (feat. You'll Never Get To Heaven) Amar Okanovic 38 Don Shabason, Krgovich, SageJoseph ShabasonNicholas KrgovichM. Sage 39 Cry Without End Sam MortonAlabaster Deplume 40 Afterglow (Remix) The Album LeafBalmorheaKimbra 41 North Sole (Goldmund Remix) Elskavon 42 A Wish That Never Came True OutliersJenny SturgeonBoo Hewerdine 43 Can't You See Josef Akin 44 Article Victoria Hume 45 Rainfall Caoilfhionn Rose 46 I See All You Mason Fink 47 Solid ML Buch 48 Mercury McDead 49 Adorned Nailah Hunter Listen to full