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1 At Your Service Morphine 2 Good Morphine 3 You Look Like Rain Morphine 4 Have a Lucky Day Morphine 5 The Only One Morphine 6 Buena Morphine 7 All Wrong Morphine 8 Thursday Morphine 9 Cure for Pain Morphine 10 Honey White (2018 Remaster) Morphine 11 Scratch (2018 Remaster) Morphine 12 Radar (2018 Remaster) Morphine 13 Super Sex (2018 Remaster) Morphine 14 Early to Bed Morphine 15 Murder for the Money Morphine 16 The Night Morphine 17 Rope on Fire Morphine 18 Take Me with You Morphine 19 Call Back Morphine 20 Buena (Alternate Version) Morphine 21 Radar (Live at WMBR-FM, MIT Campus, Cambridge, MA, 1993) Morphine Listen to full