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POLIFONIA weekly tape #94 - taśma tygodnia 2023-01-14 User

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1 Young Hearts Benny Sings 2 Flowers Miley Cyrus 3 Painted the Room Rozi Plain 4 In My Heart Constant Smiles 5 Oceans Niagara M83 6 So In The Moment Belle & Sebastian 7 NOISE OF YOU John Cale 8 ricochet Lil Ugly Mane 9 Rice Young Fathers 10 Where The Angels Go To Die Memphis LK 11 Happenstance Shalom 12 Yer All In My Dreams Purling Hiss 13 Turn to Me One Step Closer 14 Aselestine Yo La Tengo 15 C’est Comme Ça Paramore 16 vertigo Billy Nomates 17 February Complete Mountain Almanac 18 Tęcza DomManiucha Bikont 19 Mary James YorkstonNina PerssonThe Second Hand Orchestra 20 The Musical Avey Tare 21 12th Floor DeclaimeMadlibGOD'S GIFT 22 The Fool on the Hill Lucas SanttanaFlore Benguigui 23 Ellerin Hani KutimanMelike Sahin 24 Rakıya Su Katamam Altin Gün 25 Lady (Ezra Collective Version) Ezra CollectiveFela Kuti 26 Nothing Left To Lose Everything But The Girl 27 Rumble SkrillexFred again..Flowdan 28 Carmin Twoosty Mayonez 29 Contains Multitudes James Holden 30 Roberto’s Tumescence (Extended Version) DeciusLias SaoudiDouglas Lucas 31 Fire in Detroit Adrian YoungeWendell HarrisonPhil RanelinAli Shaheed Muhammad 32 Black Heroes Brian BladeJon CowherdMyron WaldenMonte CroftDoug WeissRogerio BoccatoJohn Hart 33 Sambola Tunico 34 Oskido DJ Black Low 35 Déhéba Pedro Ricardo 36 Florin Court Faten Kanaan 37 La Taillée La Tène 38 La sardana de Baal Hammon Za!Tarta RelenaLa TransMegaCobla 39 Not Even Almost El Ten Eleven 40 Friend or Foe? (Single Edit) Riverside 41 Curse Snow Ghosts 42 Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus Nicole Dollanganger 43 Oh Me, Oh My Lonnie HolleyMichael Stipe 44 Ride On The Nude Party 45 Love As Hard As You Can Liela MossDhani Harrison 46 Understand Earth Trax 47 last dolphin Pavel Milyakov 48 Levitation Urbs 49 Anxiety Kacper Krupa 50 Triangular Progressions I-V Mattias Petersson Listen to full