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Bounce 101

1 Drag Rap (12" Single Version) The Showboys 2 Where They At (Club Version) DJ Jimi 3 Shake It Like A Dog KaneAbel 4 Bounce (For The Juvenile) DJ Jimi 5 Da Payback Mia X 6 Jubilee All (Stop Pause) DJ Jubilee 7 New Orleans Block Party (feat. DJ Jubilee) Partners N Crime 8 Walk Like Ronald Hotboy Ronald 9 Get It Ready, Ready! DJ Jubilee 10 That's My Juvie Ms. TeeMagnolia Shorty 11 Buck Jump Time Gregory D & Mannie Fresh 12 Get the Gat Lil ELT 13 Rolling in the Deep (New Orleans Bounce) [feat. J-Dawg] Dj Money Fresh 14 Let Me Find out, Pt. 1 (Street Version) 5th Ward Weebie 15 Hammer Keedy Black 16 Drag 'Em N Tha River U.N.L.V. 17 Choppa Style Choppa 18 She Rode Dat Dick Like a Soulja, Like a Soulja Hasizzle 19 Where Dey at? DJ IrvMC T. Tucker 20 Smoking Gun Ms. TeeMagnolia Shorty 21 Bunny Hop Da Entourage 22 Back That Azz Up JuvenileLil WayneMannie Fresh 23 Dangerously in Love (Bounce Mix) Showboy Cj Listen to full