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1 ¡TEN CUIDADO! Dannylosangeles 2 Funkbait Only The LabelUncle FunkbeardTruckDog & the Go PeopleOnly the Host 3 Moon Pigeon Syne Wave 4 Rendezvous with Destiny (Martian invasion mix) Uncle Funkbeard 5 Black Widow's Kiss (feat. Tracy Cloud, Uncle Funkbeard, Only The Host, Chronic Ion & Josh Coker) Only The Label 6 Shameless Interloper Skies of Venus 7 El Macho Ego: The El Guapo Sessions (Parte Uno) Surreal Faces Group 8 Lost For Words Ade Wilding 9 Crazy Chris Boddington 10 End Song My Painted Smile 11 back to the future dark mushroom 12 Body Massage Machine Surreal Faces Group 13 Lucky Break Uncle Funkbeard 14 Dream State I Move Mountains 15 Puzzle Piece (feat. (Hed) P.E.) DOC 16 You Don´t Know Useless Dogs 17 Thirst Impressions Uncle Funkbeard 18 Planet Syntax Chronic Ion 19 I Want You Tracy Cloud 20 The Loving Machine Bang Bang Grizld Wizrd 21 As The World Goes By Mr Woody 22 5 Minute Warning ScifiFunk 23 Pack A Bowl (Extended By 10 Seconds Mix) Surreal Faces Group 24 All Weather Umbrella Cosmic Bos 25 Synthdrome ScifiFunk 26 Funk it too ScifiFunk 27 Fruitfly Ffredi Blino 28 Rhythm of the Galaxy ScifiFunk 29 PAYSHUNCE (Remix) SHEBAD 30 Divide You Bosco and Peck 31 Lucky Lampshade Cosmic Bos 32 Dude Needs a Job Captain Chemical 33 Fire Mountain Funk Chronic Ion 34 Every Word You Whisper Mississippi Smith 35 First You Obsereve The West Coast (feat. $cathed & Buck Wayne) (The Griz Wiz Remix) Grizld Wizrd 36 Spend the night John Serrano 37 Sweet Explosions The Just Imagines 38 New Gods Part 2 RobonzoPeter Rand 39 psychedelic people dark mushroom 40 Somebody Washing Me Jamma (Rock This Well) Surreal Faces Group 41 Copium Chronic Ion 42 PixieVerse Dimension Pixie PostNakedverse 43 Insurance Hartshorn, Jackson, Jackson & Warren 44 When I Hear You Say It Tracy Cloud 45 Staring At The Moon (Red Balloon ) Surreal Faces Group 46 Sin Eater Lilli LewisKirk Joseph 47 A Nightmare on Funk Street TsokotiUncle Funkbeard 48 Mysterious Collection of Souls (feat. Peggy Vee) (Dark Lord Of Lies Remix) Grizld Wizrd 49 Seven and Seven The 18th Musician 50 Mecha Funk - Liberator of the Hive Mind Mario Marino Listen to full