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1 Ain't Death Grand AGATHODAIMON 2 Temple Of Fallen Leaves Abglanz 3 Moksha Fogdriver 4 Kapow On the Corner 5 Krokus Akleja 6 Naysayers Tsunami Bomb 7 Nothing Like a Good Old Fashioned Witch Hunt Hans Gruber and the Die Hards 8 Electricity Fast BoyR3HAB 9 Heard It All Iggi Kelly 10 Peakin' Topic 11 PARALYZED (TC/TC) TC/TCtwocolors 12 ALL WE GOT Ray Dalton 13 Diadidiadiaa DJ Achim Feuervogel 14 It's Not a Feature, It's a Bug Alec Troniq 15 Shadow Man (Acoustic) Backyard Fire 16 Tscharlie Dunkelschieferblau 17 Skeleton Roots Flavor 18 Heimkehr Schwarz & Schwärzer 19 Nine to Five Dennis Schütze & His Electric Combo 20 Divergence Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree 21 Nexus (Radio Edit) Elara Sunstreak Band 22 Reason Oakfarm 23 Canyon King Father Baboon 24 Headache Woman BluesKojoten 25 Der Fuchs bei Nacht Béla Meinberg Trio 26 Backbreaking The Silence Hazel The Nut 27 Cold Concrete Awesome Grey 28 Flammenheer (Remixed & Remastered) Munarheim 29 Hure Babylon Eden weint im Grab 30 Dunkler Dreiklang Remember Twilight 31 The Other Side Of Love Vibravoid 32 Alles was ich hab il CivettoDellé 33 Car Without a Driver Sissos 34 Zwang Waran 35 Give Me Beat Jëg Hüsker 36 Fade Away Bleak Monday 37 Hallo Josh. 38 Tanzen bei der Arbeit Josh. 39 Lost With Me Jules Atlas 40 Knock Me Down Allen-Forrester Band 41 Replying to Unaddressed Letters (feat. K. Egon & The New Solarism) Malo Moray & His Inflatable Knee 42 No Distance SIKHAYA 43 Start KID BE KID 44 Traum Von Wir aenniesToomi 45 Old Ashes DAUNT 46 Kaventsmann Kaputth 47 If you love me Michael SchulteNorma Jean Martine 48 Freaky Fantasy Cromby 49 Dorogoi V Pavlovku Lou-DuoJonas SorgenfreiFelix Schneider-RestschikowAnton MangoldNectaria Delgadillo 50 Fangfrage PAULA PAULA Listen to full