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1 Bike in Head Nits 2 Port of Amsterdam Nits 3 Typist Of Candy Nits 4 Home Before Dark Nits 5 The Singing Telegram Nits 6 Erom On Nits 7 Sleep (What Happens To Your Eyes) Nits 8 Pillow Talk Nits 9 Cabins Nits 10 Under A Canoe Nits 11 Crane Driver Nits 12 5 Hammering Men Nits 13 Sketches of Spain Nits 14 Bild Am Sonntag (As Usual) Nits 15 Acres of Tintoretto Nits 16 Dapper Street Nits 17 Memories Are New III Nits 18 Your Next Tyres Nits 19 Jackie Sinéad O'Connor 20 Mandinka Sinéad O'Connor 21 Jerusalem Sinéad O'Connor 22 Just Like U Said It Would B Sinéad O'Connor 23 Never Get Old Sinéad O'Connor 24 Troy Sinéad O'Connor 25 I Want Your (Hands on Me) Sinéad O'Connor 26 Drink Before the War Sinéad O'Connor 27 Just Call Me Joe Sinéad O'Connor 28 The Lazarus Heart Sting 29 Be Still My Beating Heart Sting 30 Englishman In New York Sting 31 History Will Teach Us Nothing Sting 32 They Dance Alone (Gueca Solo) Sting 33 Fragile Sting 34 We'll Be Together Sting 35 Straight To My Heart Sting 36 Rock Steady Sting 37 Sister Moon Sting 38 Little Wing Sting 39 The Secret Marriage Sting 40 Where The Streets Have No Name (Remastered) U2 41 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Remastered 2007) U2 42 With Or Without You (Remastered 2007) U2 43 Bullet The Blue Sky (Remastered 2007) U2 44 Running To Stand Still (Remastered 2007) U2 45 Red Hill Mining Town (Remastered 2007) U2 46 In God's Country (Remastered 2007) U2 47 Trip Through Your Wires (Remastered 2007) U2 48 One Tree Hill (Remastered 2007) U2 49 Exit (Remastered 2007) U2 50 Mothers Of The Disappeared (Remastered 2007) U2 Listen to full