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1 CAEN LAS ESTRELLAS NICKI NICOLEYSY A 2 New Type Summer WalkerChildish Gambino 3 LO QUE PUEDA PASAR MacíasMargarita Quebrada 4 RENT FREE Blanco PalameraBarry B 5 Si sobrevivo, nos vemos mañana AKA MatadorDromedarios Mágicos 6 6 ANILLOS ABHIR 7 Au Revoir à la Merchandant BRONQUIO41v1l 8 changer bar italia 9 Turquesa Marquesa Lisasinson 10 la pared maria mestre 11 Antes De Vernos Caer Featherweight 12 How Could I Miss You Samuel Petra 13 CARWASH Mario KunChoclock 14 Otra Vida pablopablo 15 Aún me acuerdo de todo Cariño 16 T'enxules Julieta 17 Overdrived Rodol VXKxxL 18 EL DÍA EN QUE VOY A MORIR Menend 19 qsiqtequiero (diamantes) Ankli 20 Stumbling Still Nation of Language 21 Campeón Ters 22 Loser at Best Wallice 23 Bandits Molly PaytonOscar Lang 24 Sick of Your Sound Sad Night Dynamite 25 Skull Knight Sticky M.A.Royce RoloI-AceWax.Dee 26 Arena y Sal Omar MontesSAIKOTunvao 27 Rave Out TurnoSkepsisCharlotte Plank 28 PLAY Mysie 29 WHERE SHE GOES Bad Bunny 30 Haven't You Ever Been In Love Before? Lewis Capaldi 31 Sossaup KAYTRAMINÉAminéKAYTRANADAAmaarae 32 Mourning Post Malone 33 Say Yes To Heaven Lana Del Rey 34 im nothing thats all i am Glaive 35 17suns Tora-i 36 AMPED UP mal sounds 37 WHERE FLOWERS GO TO DIE Araya 38 Was I Supposed To Care? Groupthink 39 California Dream Girl The Hellp 40 Change My Mind White Cliffs 41 NO ES TUYA Dudi 42 Dancing Shoes (Take Me Higher) LF System 43 2009 TOYOTA Thomas Headon 44 Meant To Be Jayda G 45 cola head Willow Kayne 46 Don't Forget About Me d4vd 47 You'll Never Get Your Money Back Alex Lahey 48 La última canción Rorro 49 Dream State Femes 50 Bang Melenas Listen to full