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1 The Cell Peter Evans 2 Debussy: Children's Corner, L. 113: 4. The snow is dancing Jacques Février 3 Sherbet (Just to Be Certain That the Doubt Stays on Our Side of the Fence) Gregg August 4 Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, CD 87, L. 86 Paul TortelierSusan Milan 5 Debussy: Children's Corner, L. 113: 5. The little shepherd Jacques Février 6 Madness Miles Davis 7 Riot Miles Davis 8 Riot Herbie Hancock 9 Eternal One Wallace Roney 10 Trane Lakecia Benjamin 11 Countdown Roberto TarenziDario DeiddaRoberto Pistolesi 12 The Peacocks Herbie Hancock 13 Red River Revel Brian Blade 14 Give Blood Pete Townshend 15 Glassworks: I. Opening Philip GlassPhilip Glass Ensemble 16 Chanela Paco de Lucía 17 Smells Like Teen Spirit Niels Lan DokyBill EvansHarvey MasonDarryl Jones 18 Heart Shaped Box Yaron Herman TrioYaron Herman 19 Riot (Live at Konigin Elizabethzaal, Antwerp, Belgium - October 1967) Miles Davis Listen to full