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1 Personal Con Killion 2 Black on Both Sides Loyalty Is Timeless 3 Naughty Dave EastYoung Chris 4 Good or Bad Domonique JL Mason 5 Fuck What They Tryna Say TwonDonPlan B '85Jozier 6 Still Blessed TwonDonJozier 7 1 4 2 (GrammyTheProducer's Version) (Plan B '85's Version) Con Killion 8 Black Girl Magic Mason ParkerDennis Reed, Jr. & The Trap Choir 9 Peace to the World Loyalty Is Timeless 10 No More FloSue 11 4am Dubb Ujean 12 Blue Faces TwonDon 13 Prize Fighter TwonDonRob Markman 14 Supa (feat. Mr. Wonder & Plan B '85) Dubb Ujean 15 Greed Is Good TwonDon 16 Levitate Shavaar 17 4am Dubb Ujean 18 FLEX Mason Parker 19 My Mama's Favorite Song TwonDon 20 I Got It SO AC 21 You Never Know No More Robbie Maxx 22 RINGS Mason Parker 23 Cuivré de la Bistorte David Buckley 24 Million Dollar Babies TwonDon 25 In My Mind SO AC 26 199$ TwonDonPlan B '85 27 EGO Mason Parker 28 Trips Up North TwonDonPlan B '85 29 Money Isn't Happiness TwonDon 30 Lighthouse (feat. Sir Michael Rocks) Dunn 31 Re Up Dubb Ujean 32 So Help Me God TwonDon 33 Relentless TwonDon 34 Perfect Timing Plan B '85 35 Barry Bonds TwonDonDolla$ignDunn 36 Long Time Coming Dubb Ujean 37 For Mama and Papa TwonDon 38 Too Committed (feat. Smoke Dza) TwonDonSmoke DZA 39 My Last Love Song TwonDon 40 Health Issues TwonDon 41 Fall Out Dolla$ignDunn 42 Papillon David Buckley 43 Things Change DJ Lil BruhRobbie MaxxChad B 44 The List DJ Lil BruhRobbie MaxxDubb Ujean 45 1985 Music Presents: 30 Somethin' Plan B '85 46 Forever SO AC 47 No Sweat TwonDonDolla$ignDunn 48 Winners Kush Kelz 49 Never Give a Hoe Nothing Fatboy SSEAlbee Al 50 Million Dollar Babies TwonDon Listen to full