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POLIFONIA weekly tape #91 - taśma tygodnia 2022-12-10 User

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1 Odd to Even Amber Arcades 2 Ghost in the Machine (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) SZAPhoebe Bridgers 3 Welcome To My Island Caroline Polachek 4 Curtain is Closing Nighttime 5 Veronica Mars Blondshell 6 Humanhood Moriah Woods 7 Firewake Zeal & Ardor 8 16 tons Nina Hagen 9 Supernatural Simon Raymonde 10 The Mac KamaiyahMistah F.A.B 11 Somewhere Beyond Uh Huh 12 Accidental Win Lust for Youth 13 Clockwork (feat. Christin Deralas) Cy Gorman 14 oni (they) Kate NV 15 When You Dub into the Abyss the Abyss Will Dub Back into You Petr Yac 16 555 (Radio Edit) Santaka 17 In Circles Leland Whitty 18 Under Earth: Expansion Greg Spero 19 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Cuddle Magic 20 The News Paramore 21 Downpour Sophie Jamieson 22 Fire in the Mountains The William Loveday Intention 23 IX Nathan Salsburg 24 Imprinting The Necks 25 Kyiv Eternal Heinali 26 All the birds Susana Santos Silva 27 Unseen Slift 28 The Cycler Urbanski 29 Spring Hania Rani Listen to full