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1 No Limit of Stars The Veils 2 Personality Girlfriend Desperate Journalist 3 What They Call Us Fever Ray 4 Disco 82 Kishore KumarLata Mangeshkar 5 Be On Your Way Daughter 6 Lonely Bones Dodie 7 Tropigala (2 to 5) Dutch Uncles 8 Punchline Jade Bird 9 Peddler Lunar Vacation 10 Tropic Morning News The National 11 lifeline Brass Calf 12 Destroyer girlpuppy 13 Taken Young Summer 14 Pick Over The Bones Lichen Slow 15 More (Edit) Pale Blue Eyes 16 White Shirt Priestgate 17 Hurt You Connie Constance 18 LS6 Slaney Bay 19 Is It Worth It Now? Jordana 20 Lauren Kicking Bird 21 Going Out Hospitality 22 are we done yet? VÉRITÉ 23 Nowhere Game Patrick Wolf 24 Unforgettable Nvdes 25 Climax Djo 26 Easier Said Sunflower Bean 27 Blew Hussy 28 Desperately Hamish Hawk 29 FIND YOUR WAY BACK Beyoncé 30 Always Forever Cults 31 You First Paramore 32 (You) On My Arm Leith Ross 33 Love You flowerovlove 34 Blood And Butter Caroline Polachek 35 Honeydew (02) Isaia Huron 36 Just Say It (feat. Johnny Yukon) Lou Val 37 LUV (I KNOW I WANT THIS FOR REAL) Q 38 Ring of Past Men I Trust 39 bike again Runnner 40 I Feel Fantastic Riovaz 41 It All Comes Back Fruit Bats 42 Idaho Alien Youth Lagoon 43 Wrinkles Box of Beats 44 Bang Bang Momma 45 Through the Sky Jenny Zett 46 Edge of the Ocean Stick Figure 47 Heartbeat Darkbird 48 Leave Us Black Hat 49 Dare Me Beach Fossils 50 I Want It All The Drums Listen to full